What We Do

Kazi+ connects businesses, especially startups, with top design and software engineering talents. We also provide mentorship for beginner developers and designers.

For Startups and Businesses

We get you the right talent

We understand startups right at the core, since we are one. We have wealth of experience working with businesses — big and small.

We understand how hard it is spotting the right talent for your organization, our work is to make your work easier.

We can audit and train your talent

We audit your talent and advice on areas that need enhancement, etc.

We can also provide training to your developers and designers on latest tricks, hacks and technologies.

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For Developers and Designers

We connect geeks with gigs

We connect developers and designers with gigs:

  • Full-time Jobs
  • Part-time Jobs
  • Internship opportunities — for students
  • Time-bound project-based contracts
  • Freelancing gigs
  • Startups with stock (equity) options

Just anything that fits you.

We build the builders

We know that college don't teach nothing everything — they can't, may be they shouldn't.

We are busy currating bootcamps that will get you started with the latest and trending technologies, and also ground you on the fundamentals.

Working with partners like Udacity, Codacademy and Tuts+, we get you the best resources in the world and walk with you.

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We are redefining recruitment

Who We Are

A bunch of passionate developers and designers, passionate about building the software developer ecosystem in East Africa.


We are based at Deveint,
Olenguruone Rd, Kileleshwa, Nairobi, KE.

Sometimes talent is not sought, it's built.